We are collecting 40 Sets of Educations Goods for 40 Students

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Standard Package

Pranavananda Vidya Mandir is an education institution initiated by a non-profit – Pranavananda Ashram, dedicated to the rescue of needy children, orphans and helpless through quality education, accomodation and fooding. Our mission is to restore childhoods in the children as we reach out to meet their physical and emotional needs, and raise them to be disciples and leaders who bring about permanent change. Pranavananda Ashram is committed to helping wounded kids find their place in this world, through a blend of quality education and Sanatan ideals. Our holistic approach begins by nurturing orphans and needy in our Ashram and ends with them becoming interdependent, contributing members of society.


Supporters Gift Sets Support Details
Alex Karki 30 30 Sets Education Goods for 30 Students
Megabyte Tech Pvt. Ltd. 10 10 Sets Education Goods for 10 Students
Total Gift Sets Collected: 40 Remaining: 0

Number of gift sets required for this school has fulfilled.